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Lionel Traction Tire Chart

Last updated: July 12,2007

Lionel Traction Tire Chart

Last updated: January 2, 2008

Reset Codes

  • With the engine on the track and the PROG/RUN switch in the program position. Turn the track power on to 20 volts.
  • On the Cab-1 hand held remote press ENG + # # + SET + ENG + # # + AUX1 + Program Code (Chart below)
  • Take the engine off the track and slide the switch back to run, let it sit for about 30 seconds.
  • Place the engine back on the track, address the appropriate engine number and you’re ready to run.
  • Below is a chart of reset codes specific to Lionel Command Controlled locomotives. These reset codes are to be used when resetting the engine’s ID number.
NOTE: The reset code tells the command receiver which features are present in the engine. For example, if the engine has a strobe light, smoke unit, tender light, Interior light, etc. If in doubt, check the instruction manual that came with your engine for the correct Reset Code to use.