$40 Repair Estimate

The Train Doctor will charge an evaluation fee for a detailed analysis and the cost of return shipping and insurance in the event you decide not to have the repairs performed.

  • All repairs are guaranteed for 90 days from the date or return shipment.
  • The repair guarantee is for the cost of labor only.
    The Train Doctor will not be held liable or responsible for items in transit.
  • All items must be shipped with insurance and will be returned with insurance.
  • The Train Doctor will not be responsible for delays due to unavailability of parts, inability to contact the customer for repair approval or to discuss the repairs.
  • The Train Doctor will make every effort to repair your model train in a timely manner.
  • An estimate, based on initial analysis of the piece, will be provided for customer approval via email. However, in additional parts or labor are required, the customer will be advised and approval requested before work proceeds.

Cleaning & Lubrication

Model trains should be cleaned and lubricated based on their usage. The more you use your trains the more often they should be cleaned and lubricated. For instance, clean and lube once a year for high usage locos and every 2-3 years for shelf queens.


Poor maintenance can cause mechanical or electrical problems that will cause a train to need repair. Toy trains that are not operated for many years, mishandled, or not stored properly are also candidates for our services. The Train Doctor can skillfully diagnose your train, and make the needed repairs.

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Repair Status

To check the current status of a repair, enter any two of our Repair Order Number, The Claim Check Number, or the Serial Number of the item. Enter only upper case letters and numbers for the Reference Number or Serial Number, ignoring any other characters (such as spaces or hyphens). If your item does not have a serial number, enter: NONE