MTH Premier 20-3117-1: 2-10-0 Decapod Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0


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MTH Premier 20-3117-1: 2-10-0 Decapod Steam Engine w/Proto-Sound 2.0

By the 1910s, the Pennsylvania Railroad was hauling coal and ore by the tons, and it sought a more efficient way to do so than double-heading 2-8-2 engines. Thus was born the monstrous I Class 2-10-0 Decapod. It dwarfed all previous 2-10-0s, weighing in at 386,100 pounds, with a power output 41% higher and steam consumption 12% lower than the Mikados that were previously assigned to coal and ore duty. Pennsy heartily approved of the new design and ultimately had the Baldwin and Juniata shops build 598 Class I1s. These hulking engines were designed specifically for use in the mountainous Allegheny region of western Pennsylvania, and they hauled freight through that area like nothing the PRR had seen before. The typical assignment called for two Decapods at each end of every freight train, and despite their enormous size and weight, they were allowed to move at up to fifty miles per hour. M.T.H. is proud to bring the ground-shaking power of the Pennsylvania 2-10-0 to your railroad.


  • Die-Cast Boiler and Tender Body
  • Die-Cast Metal Chassis
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • Constant Voltage Headlight
  • Die-Cast Truck Sides
  • Precision Pittman Flywheel Equipped Motor
  • Remote Controlled Proto-Coupler
  • Engineer and Fireman Figures
  • Operating Firebox Glow
  • Metal Handrails and Decorative Bell
  • Decorative Metal Whistle
  • Operating Marker Lights
  • Lighted Cab Interior
  • Synchronized Puffing ProtoSmoker System
  • Operating Tender Back-up Light
  • Locomotive Speed Control
  • Proto-Sound 2.0 With The Digital Command System
    • Featuring:- Freight Yard Proto-Effects
  • Unit Measures:26 x 2 1/2 x 3 7/8
  • Operates On O-72 Curves


Grade: C-8

Grading Details:
C-10 Mint – Brand New: All original, unused and unblemished.
C-9 Factory New – Brand New: all original, unused, may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.
C-9 New-Old-Stock: all original, unused, and typically out of production and may evidence factory rubs and shows considerable evidence of handling, shipping and aging.
C-8 Like New: Complete all original. No rust, no missing parts, may show effects of being on display and/or age, may have been run.
C-7 Excellent: All original minute scratches and paint nicks, no rust and no missing parts. No distortion of component parts.
C-6 Very Good: Minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust, free of dents. May have minor parts replaced.
C-5 Good: Sign of play wear with scratches and minor paint loss. Small dents, minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
C-4 Fair: Scratched. Moderate paint loss, dented missing parts, surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
C-3 Poor: Requires major body repair. Heavily scratched, major rust and missing parts. Restoration candidate.
C-2 Restoration required: Restoration required.
C-1 Junk, parts value only: Junk, parts value only