MTH Premier 20-2934-1: R-34 4-Car Subway Set with Proto-Sound 2.0


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MTH Premier 20-2934-1: R-34 4-Car Subway Set with Proto-Sound 2.0

In 1964, the New York subway system took delivery of 600 Budd-built stainless steel R-32 cars. The “Brightliners,” as they are called, come in married pairs bearing one even and one odd number. They have been overhauled in the almost 40 years since their initial appearance, so that the original distinction between R-32 and R-32A cars is no longer meaningful. These large subway cars are used on the former BMT (Brooklyn-Manhattan Transit Corp.) and IND (Independent) divisions (now called B-1 and B-2 divisions), which have larger tunnels than the former IRT (Interborough Rapid Transit) portions of the unified subway system. M.T.H. is proud to introduce subway cars to our Premier line-up, and what better way to do it than with cars for one of the world’s great subway systems. These beautifully detailed O Scale R-32 cars come with the sounds and signage for the N Train, running between Times Square and Coney Island, for an authentic New York experience.


  • Directionally Controlled Headlights
  • Intricately Detailed ABS Bodies
  • Metal Wheels and Axles
  • (2) Remotely Controlled Proto-Couplers
  • Authentic Paint Scheme
  • Operates On O-42 Track
  • Metal Handrails and Decorative Horn
  • All Metal Wheels and Gears
  • Illuminated Number Boards
  • Lighted Marker Lights
  • (2) Precision Flywheel Equipped Motors
  • Metal Chassis
  • (2) Engineer Cab Figures
  • Die-Cast Truck Sides
  • Lighted Interior
  • Proto-Sound 2.0
    • The Digital Command System Featuring:
    • Variable Locomotive Speed Control
    • Independent Light Control
    • Diagnostic Memory Features
    • Customizable, Downloadable Sounds
    • Simultaneous TMCC Operation
    • Squeaking Brakes
    • Station Stop Proto-Effects
  • Unit Measures:62″ x 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″

Grade: C-8

  • Grading Details:
    C-10 Mint – Brand New: All original, unused and unblemished.
    C-9 Factory New – Brand New: all original, unused, may evidence factory rubs and the slightest evidence of handling, shipping and having been test run at the factory.
    C-9 New-Old-Stock: all original, unused, and typically out of production and may evidence factory rubs and shows considerable evidence of handling, shipping and aging.
    C-8 Like New: Complete all original. No rust, no missing parts, may show effects of being on display and/or age, may have been run.
    C-7 Excellent: All original minute scratches and paint nicks, no rust and no missing parts. No distortion of component parts.
    C-6 Very Good: Minor scratches and paint nicks, minor spots of surface rust, free of dents. May have minor parts replaced.
    C-5 Good: Sign of play wear with scratches and minor paint loss. Small dents, minor surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
    C-4 Fair: Scratched. Moderate paint loss, dented missing parts, surface rust. Evidence of heavy use.
    C-3 Poor: Requires major body repair. Heavily scratched, major rust and missing parts. Restoration candidate.
    C-2 Restoration required: Restoration required.