Lionel 6-14080: Hobo Hotel


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Set in the old west, camped in front of a long-abandoned Santa Fe reefer, a group of friendly hobos pass the night away in front of their warm, comforting fire. A hot meal simmers over the open flame. Taunts of “King me!” echo through the still night air from the checkers game waging in front of the tall, cool pines. The sound of the campfire, crackling as it consumes its wooden fuel, is drowned out by melodic chords strummed on an old guitar. Transport yourself back in time with Lionel’s Hobo Hotel. Adorned with realistic decoration, pewter figures and an actual Lionel reefer body, this accessory is sure to stand out on your layout. Turn on the campfire by twisting the rusted trash can, and let the fun begin!

  • Seven solid cast pewter figures, trash can, stick and pot
  • Detailed molded base and reefer body
  • Two bright, flickering LEDs illuminate fire
  • Three pine trees
  • Trash can doubles as on/off switch

Brand New, never opened.